What Our Customers Have to Say

Our business is about building long-term relationships that are rooted in trust, integrity, perseverance and honesty.  Who better to discuss our capabilities - and our ability to uphold those values - than those who have engaged our services, worked with us from cradle to completion, and shared in the satisfaction of a job well done. Here are a few words from those who know us best…

I worked with Tim Davis and AR Design on the largest, most complicated project I’ve ever been involved with. In terms of the shear complexity, it was the most elaborate and technically advanced in my career.

Tim put together a spec for the project and identified competitive products. He helped review the final bids from a technical requirements standpoint and to make sure all of the final bid products where going to meet all the technical requirements, regardless of whether they were his or his competitors. And he did this at no cost to the business owner or to my firm.

What was interesting is that Tim did not represent any of the companies in the winning bid yet he still worked with me to make sure I was covered. He remained professional, unbiased, and objective and always conducted himself with the highest level of integrity.

And in this business, you definitely remember people like that.
— Robert Green Sr., Project Manager, DLZ Architecture
We have had the benefit of working with Tim Davis for years. He understands not only what is required to assist in historic restoration projects, but understands the process of going through multiple department reviews, and working with state and federal departments to get the best match possible for the new windows.

Tim is excellent to work with on these types of projects. We are able to send Tim details in plan and section showing what we would like to do in a particular application, and he will review those details for us. He will comment back on if what we are proposing is possible, and if not, what product line or accessories could be used to make the proposed possible.
— Laura Gagnon, Project Architect, Sandvick Architects