AR Design’s Strategic Partners:
The Power to Bring Your Project to Life

At AR Design, we are particularly proud of the company we keep. We have terrific partnerships with a stable of imaginative, proactive companies who provide some of the most far-reaching, cost-effective solutions in the industry.

And because the marketplace is dynamic, we know the next wave of quality partners is always looking for companies like us, just as we are always searching for them. If you are interested in collaborating with AR Design on an upcoming project, call our office.

Meanwhile, take a moment to introduce yourself to our existing partners: Graham Architectural Products, designer and manufacturer of historic replication windows and curtain wall; Sentech, structural glass walls; Alply & American Metalcraft, custom metal panels; Thompson I.G., glass fabrication manufacturer; Porcewol by Alfher, porcelain enameled steel; and View, dynamic electrochromic glass.

Graham Architectural Products

Lasting solutions to fenestration's toughest challenges…that’s why leading architects trust AR Design and Graham Architectural Products (GAP) to help solve their most challenging design projects involving architectural windows, doors and curtain wall systems.  No matter the environment, no matter the challenge, no team in the industry has more experience or is better able to create lasting solutions to the most confounding issues.

AR Design and GAP have collaborated on numerous projects, providing custom-engineered, historic replication solutions to a range of projects, including The Athenaeum of Ohio, numerous buildings on the University of Cincinnati campus, Hughes High School, and many others.

We love the fact that with GAP, there are no standard sizes, no standard hardware and no standard glass. We can design anything you want, and Graham can make it happen, unencumbered by limitations.

Sentech Architectural Systems – Structural Glass Walls and Systems

Sentech Architectural Systems and AR Design share a passion for excellence in design and a real conviction that involvement in the initial project development phase ensures solutions that meet our clients’ visions.

Working together, we thoroughly evaluate your aesthetic expectations and design intent, then back it up with a technical team that emphasizes innovation and engineering excellence.

The result is the development of solutions utilizing glass as the primary structural component while optimizing structural integrity and strength in a manner that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Our resume of successful projects and delighted clients includes the Tinkham Veale University Center at Case Western University.

Alply - Insulated Panels

AR Design partners with Alply Insulated Panels because of the outstanding reputation the company has earned over its half-century of providing the architectural design community with the widest range of custom metal panels in North America. 

Alply offers not only state of the art thermally efficient insulated metal panels, but also a comprehensive range of engineered metal plate systems designed to provide the very best blend of performance and aesthetics. 

Working together, AR Design and Alply have collaborated on a number of premier projects.

American Metalcraft - engineered metal products

AMI fabricates plate panel systems from either aluminum or stainless steel. The panels are solid metal and are designed to meet your specific need. We also mix materials to help you make the best use of your project budget. For example, if you require a metallic look, we can use finished stainless steel at the pedestrian level and painted aluminum where the public won’t be able to notice the difference.

Thompson I.G. - glass fabrication

By combining decades of experience with state-of-the-art equipment, Thompson I.G. (TIG) meets the most demanding expectations of strength, energy efficiency and aesthetic quality. We deliver results for commercial and residential architectural projects, recreational vehicles, mass transit and commercial vehicle industries.

Suntuitive self-tinting Glass


If you want to see the future, AR Design suggests you view it through Suntuitive Self-Tinting Glass. Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is a self-tinting glass technology that darkens gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight.

Glass is your connection to the outdoors and protection from the elements. While environmental conditions can be unpredictable, your view and comfort should never be compromised. 

Imagine glass that intuitively adapts throughout the day for you— a standard offered exclusively by Suntuitive® Dynamic Glass.

PORCEWOL BY ALFHER - porcelain enameled steel

Porcewol by Alfher® is a corporate group that has achieved great success in the development of the porcelain enamel steel process since 1951.

Excellence in the design, manufacturing and installation has led to top-quality innovative products that have important architectural projects around the world.

Porcewol by Alfher® is a company with a strong domestic and international presence; it is a member of the Porcelain Enamel Institute and meets all specifications and standards set forth by this organization.

Porcelain Enameled Steel is a durable and beautiful glass surface that combines the beauty and durability of vitreous enamel with the resistance of steel.