AR Design: Specializing in Historic Window Replication, Curtain Wall, Metal Panels and Structural and Dynamic Glass Systems

As the options available to architects continue to grow exponentially, it becomes increasingly important that these professionals have trusted counselors on their team from the beginning of each new project.

For over 25 years, AR Design has filled that role, using its unique blend of insight, ingenuity and experience to advance projects, overcome challenges, and delight architects and budget-bound owners alike.

And just as architects can’t be expected to know everything about every product, AR Design doesn’t pretend to either. But when it comes to replicating historic windows, designing state-of-the-art curtain walls, and incorporating metal panels and structural glass systems and dynamic glazing, no one’s advice and expertise carries more weight or offers more promise for performance and long term economic viability.



AR Design’s singular expertise in window design, replication and replacement is the product of years of experience and the firm’s passion for a detail-oriented exploration of expectations and possibilities. 

We have a proven ability to couple our partners’ design and engineering expertise with our own experience and overcome problems that aren’t easily solved. That, along with our ability to work with the contractor and the architect throughout the entire process, differentiates us.

The following are essential to project success, but remember that project scale usually determines whether options are viable or cost-prohibitive.

  • Extent of Replacement
    It is important to identify if the project scope is solely window replacement or a component of a larger total window building renovation.
  • Owners’ Expectations
    Identifying the owner’s expectations of a new a window system – prior to design – is critical to a project’s success. Priorities often include energy conservation, security features, operational aspects and aesthetics.
  • Product Considerations & Features
    Only after the extent of replacement and the owner’s expectations have been discussed can the focus shift to systems and features. Design options can be detailed and priced, and mock-ups and samples can be obtained if needed. Final considerations might include logistics, timing and availability, as well.

structural Glass systems 


AR Design’s broad experience in the design of structural glass systems can help you realize a brighter, more beautiful environment with a greater, more enjoyable sense of space.

  • Enhances transparency
  • Uses glass as a structural element


Thermochromic facades

Self-tinting glass technology that darkens gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight allows the building owner to obtain efficiencies resulting in lower mechanical and long-term operational costs.

  • Provides unobstructed views by eliminating blinds and shades
  • Increases natural daylight
  • Improves occupant comfort and productivity


Engineered Curtain Walls

AR Design can assist in crafting a design strategy that is cost-effective and results in long-term performance and beauty. Initial design defines size, configurations and wall geometry. Specific infill elements of the wall - such as vision glass, spandrel areas and/or metal panel portions - can be incorporated into any wall design.

Once these aesthetic items have been defined, functional and performance aspects are examined.  Thermal performance, day-lighting, design loads, building movement, thermal expansion, acoustics and other dynamic aspects may need to be analyzed, as well.

AR Design offers many types of engineered systems to support project design and quality goals, including aluminum curtain wall systems (factory-fabricated and/or assembled) and unitized aluminum curtain wall systems (factory-fabricated, assembled and glazed).


AR Design offers a variety of different insulated and plate metal panel systems for a variety of building constructions. High quality metal wall panels not only deliver superior R-values, but a striking look for your building, as well.

Metal Panels

  • Configuration
  • Joint Design
  • Finish
  • Can be primary wall or designed in a rain screen application

Porcelain enameled steel

We at AR Design are proud to be affiliated with Porcewol and to bring architects the opportunity to specify and design with an exciting new product.

Porcelain Enameled Steel is a durable and beautiful glass surface that combines the beauty and durability of vitreous enamel with the resistance of steel.

  • The glass is a hygienic material that does not support bacteria growth in healthcare application
  • Highly resistant to rust/corrosion, elements of nature, scratching and vandalism
  • Easily withstands high temperatures and offers zero flame spread and smoke contribution
  • Easy to clean and requires little or no maintenance
  • Available in a wide array of colors, textures and configurations

Because of it's properties Porcelain Enameled Steel has a wide array of applications:

  • Architectural Cladding
  • Columns
  • Louvers & Multi Perforated Panels
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Composite Panel Systems
  • Partitions & Doors
  • Furniture
  • Writing Surfaces
  • Signage & Art
  • Healthcare